These horrifying Airbnb stories might change your mind about ever using it again

Airbnb can save a lot of cash when you're travelling.

But, it's always a worry before you get there, wondering whether the place will look like the photos and the location will be up to scratch.

Be thankful, though, that you're not one of these poor punters stuck in an Airbnb from hell.

The non-existent Airbnb

The twisted firestarter

The hovel

And it's not just the hosts that are complete nightmares, either. There are plenty of stories about guests that show people are just plain rude and disgusting sometimes.

Prom party madness

Bad grandpa

The gig economy is all fun and games until you're cleaning up a 90 year old man's poop stains and nearly getting burned to the ground.

As a rule, make sure you check the reviews, and if anything looks dodgy, be sure to bail. And, as a guest, make sure you play by the rules and pay for anything if you break it.