Guy transforms secret space under his house into something INSANE!

If you have seen any horror film, you know that finding a secret cellar or basement is never a good thing. The Conjuring, Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods just to name a few, all have a secret space under the house that ultimately leads to devastation for the family or people involved.

But not for this couple, who turned the space they found underneath their house into something amazing. Reddit user paddlewasp posted on the site, along with pictures, about how he had always wanted to create a "turn of the century trappers cabin/speakeasy".

He had been a fan of a film called 'The Tall Men' starring Clarke Gable and that film features a cabin/speakeasy, and since then he had always wanted to create his own.They had bought a house in Utah, and upon finding the space below, he was happy to finally have the chance to build his own.

We discovered that our crawl space would be 8' high and span the entire footprint of our home! Hot diggity! The wheels instantly started spinning... I excitedly asked my wife "Do you know what we could do with this space!?!" She responded with an unenthusiastic but practical "We could store stuff down here." But I had bigger plans. I had always wanted to create a turn of the century trappers cabin /speakeasy... and I finally had the opportunity.

Here is the crawlspace door that they found in a small cupboard:

Upon entering, they found the space to be a lot bigger than first thought:

So paddlewasp quickly got the materials together and got started:

Here, you can see him working hard, putting the floor together:

Floor laid, now for the walls:

Looking more like a room now...

He even fitted a fireplace!

And here is the finished room, and it looks amazing! Definitely somewhere you could go and hide away for hours on end.