These boys just made a KILLING at their lemonade stand

Money-making techniques before you leave school are limited. You might offer to wash your neighbour's car or get a paper round. In the US, starting a makeshift lemonade stand is also pretty common.

These kids were trying to make a few dollars selling their lemonade for 25 cents a cup, but struck gold when some generous guys walked past their stall.

Instead of just throwing them some change, these men recognised the hustle of the younger generation and bought the lot.

We even spy a $50 note in there, which adds up to a LOT of fizzy cola bottles at the shop. Or fidget spinners, if that's what kids these days want?

Their reactions were priceless.

Hopefully they all cracked open a cold one (lemonade) together, and it was worth the fat stacks they paid for it.