These are some of the funniest things people have seen on a bus

When it comes to British public transport it’s a well-known fact that your ticket doesn’t just get you from A to B, but also ensures you some wonderful entertainment on the way.

We’ve teamed up with Arriva to give you an insight into some of the funniest things people have done, and continue to do on buses. With Arriva’s amazing Student Saver tickets, you might just see some of these brilliant things yourself at a great price.

Animal Lovers

Whilst you occasionally get the pleasure of seeing a pretty cute dog or a cat in a cage on its way to the vet on a bus, it’s not everyday you see rabbits running loose, or even this guy trying to take his DONKEY on a bus in Dublin… why pay to go to the zoo when you can see such wonderful wildlife on the bus?! At Arriva, dogs and mythical beasts are allowed on board at the driver's discretion.


Everyone fantasises about their dinner on the journey home, so it's always pretty torturous when someone gets on with your dream meal... So of course it's only natural to start making eye contact with your fellow passengers in a hunger-fuelled solidarity to steal a man's pizza:

Or what about when someone's so kindly left their dinner on the bus all ready for you to eat, like the time this guys found a lovely meat selection:

The Adorably Enthusiastic

Ah yes, the modern love story. Boy makes eye contact with girl across a crowded bus, girl smiles. They fall deeply and hopelessly in love... or the boy just loudly and enthusiastically tells his friend that miracles are indeed real and a girl has sat next to him at all:

Accidentally Playing Music Out Loud

Playing anything out loud on public transport in the UK is a big no-no...You're instantly met with a sea of angry glares when you forget to plug in your headphones... so we can all feel a collective empathy for this man, when he accidentally played a girl impersonating Big Ben out loud:

This Beautiful View

Getting the bus at night is the perfect opportunity to stare out of the window, put your headphones in and stare at the moon pretending to be in a movie... or you know, stare at a piece of chorizo on the bus that you *think* is the moon:

A Mysterious, Friendly Stranger

Nothing livens up a long journey like a mysterious commuter trying to send you absolutely hilarious and downright bizarre photos:

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