These are some epic - and cringey - t-shirt translation fails

We've all heard the story: Tourist gets an ancient Chinese symbol tattooed that they think means 'peace' and actually means 'piss'. It's always a risky decision if you don't speak the language, and it apparently happens the other way around when it comes to clothing.

People on Reddit have been sharing their travel snaps where non-English-speakers think they're getting a trendy design, but instead got a fashion disaster.

Maybe this one is on purpose - but we think not.

Credit: Reddit user winterscent

This one's just cute, and comes from a nursery teacher in China.

Credit: Reddit user question_ev3rything

On to something slightly less cute, and much more embarrassing when she finds out.

Somebody used Google translate for this bad boy.

Avoiding copyright or genuine mistake? Either way, Baet was a great character.

Great advice from the gentleman below. Just say no, for the sake of your family.

This one? Wow.

Someone come collect their granddad from the supermarket please...

Credit: Imgur user ihopethisusernamewillbelongenoughsopeoplewillnoticeme

Clothing companies, take note. Get someone to proof-read, so your poor customers don't end up being laughed at on the internet.

Still better than a tattoo that means 'piss', though!