Theresa May posed with Article 50, and everyone is making the same joke

Note to all politicians: Never pose whilst writing anything. Ever.

Donald Trump posed after signing an executive order, and now there's over thirty twitter accounts dedicated to taking the piss precisely out of that moment.

But now Theresa May has had her own Trump Draws moment, after she was forced to pose for cameras whilst signing Article 50.

Fortunately, everyone was mature about it and didn't take the... oh no, they did take the piss. Massively so.

Whilst people have been beautifully creative, as ever, the main joke that everyone has gone for this time is that she's writing to Eminem.

Dear Mr I'm Too Busy Writing EU Laws To Write My Fans...

Other favourites include the "Dear Diary" format...

And the break-up letter

and confessions

But mostly people feel sorry for Theresa May and have left her alone. After all, she campaigned to remain, and is now doing this against her own better judgement.

But at least she briefly distracted everyone from making this terrible joke...