There's ANOTHER hidden Facebook inbox

Facebook message inbox

This is going to make you mad or really weird you out, but you’ve probably got a load of hidden messages in your Facebook inbox. We know, there’s the ‘other’ tab, but no, this inbox is one where Facebook has decided to filter out messages it assumes you don’t want to see - but you might!

We’ve found old messages from people we met on holiday as well as plenty of creepy blokes. Basically, hours of fun. Here’s how you find them:

  1. Go into your Facebook messenger app
  2. Glick the settings button (it will look like a cog or a person)
  3. Click on ‘People’
  4. Click on ‘Message Requests’
  5. Scroll down and press ‘See Unfiltered Requests’
  6. BAM! Happy reading

Let us know if you find any beauts.