There's a way you can get incredibly cheap train tickets (but you probably shouldn't do it)

There's a place online where you can buy extremely cheap train tickets, at less than a third of the price of normal tickets.

You don't have to split your ticket, or book over a year in advance. You can even sit in first class.

But you still probably shouldn't do it.

Dark web

A group of fraudsters have started selling forged rail tickets on the dark web, "in response to unreasonably high ticket prices."

They sell tickets for much lower than you could get through legal means, and say that they're doing it in order to "get one over" on train companies, who they say are selling "unaffordable" train tickets.

The BBC managed to buy (and use) a fake first class ticket to Manchester from London for £111, instead of £285. They completed their journeys without any problems, or any questions from rail staff.

Another BBC staff member was able to buy a monthly ticket from Gatwick to central London for £100 rather than £308.

"We're providing a service"

The ticket sellers said in a statement that they are providing an affordable public service:

"The train companies keep stuffing their pockets with public subsidies while treating the operation of rail services as an inconvenience," they said.

"No-one should be ashamed of getting one over companies like Southern Rail."

"We wish one day everyone will be able to use an affordable public service. Until then, we will be providing it."

The tickets can be purchased (illegally) over the dark web, using BitCoin, though you definitely shouldn't do it.

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