There's a new theory sweeping the internet that Australia doesn't exist

There's a new theory that sweeping the internet about Australia. It's been seen by millions of people, and liked by tens of thousands. And it claims that Australia doesn't exist at all.

Swedish Facebook personality Shelley Floryd is a big proponent of the theory, which claims that Australia doesn't exist, and has never existed at all.

She went on Facebook on Monday to explain her take on the theory, and explain why so many people think that Australia exists (even though it clearly doesn't), and how people who think they've been to Australia have actually been tricked in elaborate fashion.

It's received mixed reactions, especially from Australians.

But she followed the post up with further proof. Specifically, a map where Australia had been photoshopped out.

And that nobody in their right mind would drink out of a shoe.

Convincing stuff.

Australians have largely welcomed the news that they don't exist.

But Shelley has yet to explain Home and Away, Crocodile Dundee and Neighbours.