This new campaign helping girls on 'unsafe' or 'uncomfortable' dates is brilliant

Have you been on a bad date? Wished you could just sneak away without any fuss, but felt pressured to stay and had no one to help?

Back in October, we brought you information about the 'Ask for Angela' campaign based in Lincolnshire, where you go up to the bar and ask for Angela. They would then know you need help getting out of a tough situation and would call you a cab.

Well, now another bar, this time in Los Angeles has introduced another campaign, and it is even better than the 'Ask for Angela' one.

'Angel Shots' is a fantastic way for you to seek the help you need, but also to give the staff at the bar you are at an idea as to how desperate your situation is.

This really would change everything:

The idea to give different variations of the order to represent the different needs of the victim is pure genius. It seems to have caught the attention of others, as it has been retweeted 225,000 times!

Now, Stephanie Duran (who tweeted out the picture) did later correct her caption from saying "women's restroom" to include male victims also.

It has caused a lot of debate, some loving the idea, others asking why it is only for women, and some commenting on the fact that a poster is needed for a situation like this.

Regardless, this needs to happen. Spread the word.