The 14 worst, funniest and creepiest job postings on the internet launched today and it has outlined some of the most bizarre and ridiculous jobs available online on sites like Craigslist. Here are some of the worst, funniest and most terrifying jobs you can genuinely apply for on the internet.

14) Must have horse-sized bladder

Why would you need to get out of a hot dog costume? They suit every occasion. Apply now.

13) Must be ticklish, or someone who says "I'm not ticklish so don't even try to tickle me" in a way which hints that you are actually ticklish

Apply with caution.

12) But how will I convincingly look sad for this?

Try to sound sad in your application.

11) Actually quite sweet, if you can get past how terrifying it would be the little spoon in this situation

Good money, if you don't get murdered.

10) Ok, you got me. Minimal human sacrifice required.

All deities should apply here.

9) You do not want to be "the right candidate"

If you've nailed your ball shaving technique, apply here.

8) Work for a man who played Skyrim whilst on meth

Make some sound attacks and exclaim "the dragon is slain!" and you'll probably get paid.

7) Seems legit

Apply here, before this extremely legitimate opportunity passes you by!

6) NO FAKES - I am sick to death of timewasters

The man has £100! Apply now!

5) Oooh, driver friend! Strictly no bus wankers.

Apply now, new best friend.

4) Beginners welcome. Not sure how you become "advanced" in this field.

I'd call myself an "intermediate" underpants wearer.

3) Work for someone who's watched Orange is the New Black as if it was Dragon's Den

Darn. I use mens underwear. Can't apply.

2) Preferably you are a "woman of all ages"

If you are a woman with no fixed age, take this opportunity before you get too old / young (how do you age? is it a Benjamin Button thing? Let us know in the comments...).

1) Oh Jesus.

Only Kanye need apply.

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