The worst initiations to ever take place at UK universities

Sports initiations are largely just a way to exchange fluids with your future team-mates, so you don't feel weird when you accidentally brush one of their balls in a scrum. Here are some of the worst ones that have taken place around the UK.

7) Making out with a Conga Eel

In October this year, for instance, students initiated into the University of Exeter football club were forced to kiss a conga eel and drink out of their own shoes.

An organiser of the event told student newspaper Exeposé, in the style of a mafia boss who’s just had a long conversation with his lawyer:

'We didn't make first years do anything that they didn't want to do. They were never forced to drink or kiss an eel, I showed them an eel called Colin and some asked if they could kiss him whilst others followed suit.'

6) Drinking beer through the buttocks of a team mate

Drinking beer as it's being poured through the butt crack of a team mate is a classic initiation. It's done all over the country - mainly by rugby and cricket teams and is far less erotic than it sounds. It also makes your beer taste like ass, unless it was Carling in which case there's a slight improvement.

An anonymous rugby player who took part in a rugby fresher initiation a few years ago told us:

"I couldn't understand why this was a tradition at first. But then it came time to pour beer down my own ass into a team-mate's mouth. As it trickled down my bum crack into his waiting mouth I looked down at his slurping, hungry face and I knew: this guy is a friend for life.

It really brings you together, you know? He'll be tasting me for weeks."

5) Dressing up as Nazis and eating cat food

In past years people have been known to dress up as Nazis and eat cat food,

4) Crawling around in gimp costumes on a leash

At one uni in the Midlands (we'll spare them further humiliation by not revealing which one - it's what they want) rugby players were forced to crawl around in a gimp costume, being led around by their senior team-mates on a leash and occasionally whipped for good measure. Rugby, anyone?

3) Drinking a cocktail of dog food, anchovies, raw eggs and goldfish

We warned you these stories would be horrifying. At York in 2010 the hockey team was fined by the union after they found out they had made initiates drink a blended cocktail of dog food, anchovies, raw eggs and goldfish, the world's cruelest and most disgusting smoothie to date.

2) Bristol "treasure hunt" - involves drinking pints of maggots

An odd initiation for vets, the Bristol Treasure Hunt sees participants down a pint of maggots. One initiate said:

"I always remember some of the students coming back in tears after the treasure hunt. One even wanted to leave uni because she was so distressed by what she had to do."

1) Being hit with things whilst naked (except for a blindfold), necking soy sauce till you need hospital and singing songs so offensive it makes the national papers

The above initiations are at least not life or career-threatening. Not so all the time.

A student at Wilmington College in the USA had to be rushed to hospital and had a testicle removed after a hazing event in which he was blindfolded and whipped with wet towels, with several blows being landed to his testicles. All to get into a frat house.

Elsewhere a student at the University of Virginia was asked to neck so much soy sauce he needed medical attention, and at the University of Nottingham students sang and recorded a song about necrophilia, violence and misogyny so offensive any employer who googles them will probably have second thoughts about hiring them.

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