The weirdest things students have spent their loan on

The moment student finance drops into your bank, it's a huge battle to resist the urge to just blow it on the most luxurious and ridiculous stuff.

However, most people manage to fight the urge, remembering that they actually have to LIVE off of their loan, 'cos you know, rent and food and stuff...

But there are of course a select few who just can't control themselves, blowing their loans on some pretty weird, ridiculous and to be fair quite inventive things.

Teaming up with UniDosh, the new amazing app that helps you save AND earn money by selling/buying services and skills, we've compiled a list of the truly weirdest things people have spent their loans on...

A Pug

Going to university and leaving your family is hard, but watching your pet's little face drop as you walk out the door can be truly heartbreaking. And whilst most of us tend to schedule a regular Facetime with our pets, one student decided to just get a completely NEW ONE with her loan.

Student Roisin Lanners, who studies at Queen's University, Belfast, decided to blow her whole loan on buying a pug to keep her company at uni.

Going through Gumtree on a lonely evening at university, Roisin came across a small fat pug, 'fell in love' and instantly forked out £600 for it.

Whilst she said she sometimes saw her mates going on lavish nights out that she could no longer afford, she still had a cute buddy to mediate the FOMO... Still seems like a pretty paw choice to us.

A Beer Garden

Ever dreamed of throwing the ultimate house party? You and your housemates head down to Wilkos, stock up on edgy fairylights, a dodgy discoball, plastic cups and a tonne of booze, and pray that someone doesn't highjack the aux cable all night and play Avicii.

However, third year Lincoln Uni student Harry Debenham spent £800 of his loan turning his student house's garden into the ULTIMATE beer garden (without telling his housemates), topped with barstools and even £300 worth of booze.

His 6 housemates came back to find the completed project in September. Rather than freaking out, they were all on board with the idea, with one of his mates even chipping in some speakers for DJing and his other housemate offering to make the cocktails. Guess this wasn't a cock-up after all.


I'll be the first to admit a large portion of my loan went on alcohol, club entry, post-night out food and expensive taxis home. But one student spent her entire loan AND her overdraft on many a wild night out.

Emma McCormick spent her loan on going out, hangover coffee and make up to make her look less hungover. However, she ingeniously set up a GoFundMe page to help her get out of her party-induced debt... fair play, at least she's being proactive.

Plastic Surgery

Although it's hard (if not impossible) to resist spending your loan on expensive make-up, one student took things just that little bit further by spending £10,000 of her loan on plastic surgery.

Essex student Katerina Christodoulou, 21, lived off of her parents' help whilst spending her loan on a number of plastic surgeries! The aspiring model spent money on liposuction, a boob job and much more!

Despite taking lots of time out for the surgeries, she still graduated with a 2:1 and looked fabulous whilst doing it... fair play.

A Holiday

Some of us have definitely funded lavish trips using a small fraction of our loan, but this one student burnt through his ENTIRE loan on one single trip.

American student Brandon, 22, spent his $2,500 (£1,920) financial aid on a surprise trip around to Asia with his girlfriend.

Detailing his adventures in a YouTube video 'How I Spent My Financial Aid', Brandon talks about their magical holiday around Thailand and Laos, including infinity pools and bathing elephants.

However, he returned back to university with the realisation that he could no longer afford his reading list books or general living costs. Not the smartest move...

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