The 39 dumbest and funniest things ever asked on the internet

People are weirdly comfortable asking the internet stuff. Even when their question is "what age should I start teaching my dog about sex?"

Here are the funniest, dumbest, weirdest and most disturbing things ever asked on Yahoo.

39) We believe Matt Damon is headed there right now

38) Do you even have to ask?

37) More evidence needed

36) Yes. Yes you are.

35) They shouldn't. You sound nice.

34) You might be a boner-fide sex addict, winky-faced Zane

33) This sounds like humble bragging

32) Lazy eye. Usually caused by conjunctivitis and/or lesbianism

31) Google it

30) Start early - you don't want them learning it from dog pornography and also dogs can't understand the English language

Start with "sit" and work your way up to "don't sit on crotch till you're married".

29) Why don't you start with a divorce and THEN worry about whether your ex-wife is still a vegan?

28) Google it

27) Keep it warm, 250 degrees should do it, and fill with bacon

26) When someone tells you, please let us know

25) First you ask Yahoo, then you wait for the owl

24) Standard exorcism should do it

24) A legitimate concern

23) We don't know who you should ask this question, but it isn't the internet

22) You... you have bigger issues to deal with than STDs

21) Usual cloning methods. Unfortunately the Lohan twin turned out to be evil, ate the original Lohan and they had to use a wax puppet.

20) No problem, Brah

19) We don't see any evidence to the contrary

18) Then how do they have so many barbecues?

16) Yes. Yes you can.

15) This is distressing on so many levels


13) The only alcohol that actually freshens your breath...

12) Yes you did. You're a monster.

11) We'll never know what it looks like

10) "There ain't no bones in your titties" may be the best medical advice of all time

9) Vampire baby confirmed

8) Either that or he has a vampire baby growing in his boy womb

7) Rami has spaghetti stains in his white, cotton underwear

6) It's more like ham smells like your balls

Luckily everyone loves the smell of bacon.

5) Help this man, he's trying to cure cancer for Christ's sake

Love that this is marked as "resolved".

4) It's weird that you let him

3) We all are

2) Call the landlord, it's their problem now

1) They Call Me Nardo was right

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