The top 20 definitively best student union songs of all time

student songs

After a few visits to the student union on a Friday night, it's fair to say you can expect to hear the same songs over and over again. These are the songs that become student anthems (and old popstars will dine out on them by visiting universities for years to come).

So here's our ultimate list of Student Union songs throughout the ages. The rule is that, even if old - they are still played today. Do you agree? anything we've missed out?

20) 500 Miles, The Proclaimers

Right, don't pretend you don't love it. Sure, it's cool to groan when it comes on, but you can't help it. You know you can't. It's so wrong, but it's so good. It also involves screaming along to the lyrics, which makes it a winner.

19) Sex on Fire, Kings of Leon

Sex on fire is another oldie but goodie. It's also got sex in the title which is always a good start, and is the STD anthem for young people everywhere - because no matter how hot the sex was, the Gonorrhoea burns even more.

18) Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke

Urgh, we feel a bit dirty adding this to the list - but it is everywhere (well, apart from these 20 universities - good!)

17) Pass Out - Tinie Tempah

'They say hello, they say hola, and they say bonjour. I'm pissed I never got to fly on a Concord.' This is all about the lyrics - we'll never fly on a Concord either... tune though.

16) Build me up Buttercup, The Foundations

This is a risky choice, but is definately a student union classic. It's the kind of song that gets you in a good mood, and sure - it's old fashioned, not everything can be Avicii.

15) Ni**as in Paris, Jay Z ft. Kanye West

Ok, Kanye is batshit crazy, but he knows how to create a floor filler and combines the superpower of Jay Z. There's no way you can avoid this song at your student union.

14) Come on Eileen, Dexy's Midnight Runners

Come on Eileen has that secret ingredient which calls drunks to the dance floor like rats to the Pied Piper. The secret is that it's a song that starts of slow and gets quicker... which is pretty much all you need. Oh, you can also shout the chorus.

13) Barbara Streisand, Duck Sauce

Barbara Streisand... nope, not the Yentl lady (we wish), but the disco-y - Boney M sampled pop-song. To be fair, it is pretty good.

12) In Da Club - 50 Cent

Hell yeah, I don't live at home anymore, I'm a grown-up and going to da club (student union) - I'm SO PIMP!

11) Thrift Shop - Macklemore

Honestly, we're not sure what a thrift shop is - is it like Oxfam?

10) Don't stop me now, Queen

This is possibly controversial, because its old - but come on - it's Queen!

9) That's what makes you beautiful, One Direction

Just because they are 1/5th down doesn't mean you are going to hear it 1/5th less.

8) I bet you look good on the dance floor, Arctic Monkeys

Especially exciting to Northerners and indie fans, I bet you look good on the dance floor is literally about your current experience. It's all making eyes and being on dance floors, you've been doing that all night - it's practically written about you!

7) Gold Dust - DJ Fresh

Gold Dust is the token, accessible drum & bass track, which is impossible not to dance to. And we had to put some Calvin Harris in the top 10.

6) Waiting all Night - Rudimental

It could have been any Rudimental song to be honest, but we went with Waiting All Night. It is drum and bass, but with a twist of soul (thank you very much trumpets!).

5) Good Feeling - Flo Rida

'Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah!' Kind of does what it says on the tin, that song.

4) I am the one and only, Chesney Hawkes

Point your finger in the air, because I am the one and only is on. It's all about the opening line really.

3) Mr Brightside

Mr. Brightside is so good - it's still being played 10 years later. The key to an iconic student union song, is being able to scream the lyrics, after eight pints, without looking mental. You can definitely do this to Mr. Brightside. You can also fist pump - which is a joy.

2) Levels, Avicii

You can't watch anything on BBC3 (you know, programmes about yoof drinking till their sick and banging strangers on hols/working in a hard place - while parents watch and cry), without Avicii playing in the background. This means its a young people party anthem! And is constantly played in unions... if only it was as glamorous as the pool parties and clubs on TV. It's just all sticky floors and flat pints...

1) Baywatch

We've put this as our number one student union song. It's one that is usually left to the end of the night and it involves blokes stripping. It's such a student classic, you've probably met David Hasselhoff - he's always hanging about Universities.

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