The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Tea & Coffee

Life just isn’t the same without tea and coffee. Hot beverages have seen students through many an essay deadline, as well as perking them up for lectures.

There’s only one pick me up better than tea and coffee… free tea and coffee! Honestly, who would turn their nose up at a cost-free brew?

So put the kettle on and check out our ultimate guide to bagging a bargain. It’ll leave you feeling quite literally full of beans…

tea and coffee freebies

Loyalty cards

One of the friendliest things you can do is offer someone a free drink. Retailers know this, so they tempt you to sign up to their loyalty cards with a cup or two.

Check this out. Waitrose have been causing a stir this way for a while, by advertising a complimentary beverage while you shop. Read more about that here.

IKEA are also an established giveaway destination for tea and coffee. With their membership offer they hope you’ll pick up a cabinet or two before you leave.

John Lewis upped the ante by throwing in a slice of cake to soak up your freebie. It’s easy to get distracted by cake though, so we’ll move on…

loyalty card free coffee

Free samples

Promotions are an ideal method of getting your hands on a free tea or coffee. It’s worth it for companies to take a gamble to ensure you come back for more.

How’s this for starters? Fancy tea outfitTwinings are worth looking into, as they regularly offer freebies that introduce their various infusions for zilch.

Big coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa are only too keen to tell everyone when a promotion is happening, so keep an eye on their social media.

Speaking of Costa, there are a few different ways to score a free cheeky caffeine fix from them. Read more about how to get your free Costa here.

Bake news

If you feel Waitrose and John Lewis are a bit swanky for your tastes, then a trip to Greggs might be in order. They’re providing free, piping hot bevvies too.

Here’s the thing. You’ve got to download their app to access the goodies. But, if you’re a fan of their pastry-covered treats then that’s far from a hardship.

This maybe isn’t the best option for those watching their calorie intake. However, if you’re of the view that life is short, then why not take full advantage…?

free coffee with apps

Coffee and Culture

Fancy sipping a free tea or coffee, within walking distance of some of London’s iconic cultural hubs? These include the British Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Here’s another hot deal. London-based company Benugo want you to register for their newsletter. It’s worth signing up if you get a free coffee out of it, right?

They also have treats galore if it happens to be your birthday. You have to be in the capital to get involved, though that doesn’t mean you should feel left out.

There’s also nothing to stop you getting a free coffee from Greggs and going for a gander at your local cultural institutions (and if you don’t have those, then there’s still that delicious drink!).

 benugo coffee offer

Mobile refreshment

Mobile networks are also getting in on the act. They’re all too aware that you live life on your phone, and are in a prime position to be approached for a free brew.

Talk about stimulating. Three’s Wuntu app regularly joins forces with Costa to hook you up with something hot and thirst-quenching.

Meanwhile, Caffè Nero is the partner of choice for O2. Tuesday is the time for customers to visit the popular café chain for a zero cost pick me up.

cafe nero coffee freebie

Looks tasty

To get inside the cup you’ve got to think outside the box. There are typical ways of getting a free tea and coffee, and then there are some unusual ways.

Pret attracted attention by introducing a giveaway scheme based on the idea of staff fancying customers. That’s right, if your face fits, you get a freebie!

It isn’t entirely shallow, and can be based on things other than looks. The intriguing new direction saw 28% of people receive an unexpected treat.

And if you’re not lucky enough to be in the remaining 72%, then we suggest you follow our other tips and beat a path to a free hot drink…!

pret coffee giveaway