The ultimate guide to finding pizza offers

pizza offers and discounts

The world may be obsessed with clean living and Nutribullets, but if you are a student and your diet isn’t 60% pizza you aren’t doing it right!

This maybe the only time in your life that you can get away with eating pizza multiple times in a week and get discount on it. So to make sure you never pay full price for your pizza here are all the discounts being a student can get you.

Order In


dominos pizza offers

There are three great, regular Domino’s offers:
1. Students only – 25% off when you spend £25 all year round.
2. Buy one get one free when ever you order for collection.
3. Two for Tuesdays – Buy one get one free on medium and large pizzas every Tuesday.

Domino’s is legendary for its giveaways so keep yours eyes peeled for new openings because they ALWAYS give out free pizza and massive discounts. You won’t be able to miss these events as Domino’s usually sends it employees out to the roadsides with giant signs to bring in patrons.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s pizza, famously founded in a broom closet in Kentucky, has 300 UK stores. They regularly run promos, and sometimes do generous cashback offers with Quidco. Check out their latest promotions and our ultimate tips and tricks guide to cheaper Papa John’s here

Pizza Hut

pizza hut takeaway offers

Whether you feel like ordering in or eating out Pizza Hut can satisfy your cravings. With a wide range of pizzas, pastas and an all you can eat salad buffet, you know you won’t go hungry. Pizza Hut offers any students that sign up to its mailing list a medium Italian pizza for £5 and then emails regular offers and discounts.

Eating Out

Pizza Express

Pizza Express has 400 restaurants in the UK including its own jazz club in Soho, London. Its menu changes regularly (always keeping all the favourites) and it makes the best polenta chips!

Students can get various discounts throughout the week on all food and drink bills with a NUS extra card:
40% off - Monday and Tuesday
20% off – Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday


If you fancy something not so naughty, Prezzo has a great light menu that offers smaller, thinner pizzas with a nice side-salad. To make it even lighter on your wallet Sunday through Thursday students get 25% off.


Zizzi’s gives varying discount to students throughout the week. It starts big on Monday and Tuesday with 30% off your entire food bill and then goes down slightly to 25% on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. You can either use your NUS extra card or Unidays to redeem this offer.

Ask Italian

Ask has a similar structure to Zizzi (which is unsurprising since they are owned by the same parent company). Ask however does offer the better deal. If you plan on eating out on Monday or Tuesday you can get a whopping 40% off your food bill. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday student discount is still a decent 25%.

Bella Italia

bella italia pizza vouchers

Bella Italia have really upped the ante on its competitors with its weekday student discount, 50% off all classic pizza and pasta dishes from 5pm Sunday onwards, and all day Monday to Thursday. Plus bonus 2-for-1 cocktails from 12 noon.

The All-Rounder


If you want the pick of all the pizza places in your local area delivered to your front door Deliveroo is the one for you. Currently offering £4 off of student’s first orders Deliveroo is making ‘eating-in the new eating-out’ bringing every restaurant right to you.


If you are looking for the one-stop shop for all discounts look no further then a Tastecard. A Tastecard offers 2-for-1 or 50% off a whole array of restaurants including Ask, Papa John’s, Pizza Express, Presso and Zizzi but also, Strada and Jamie’s Italian. Most of these are only redeemable on weekdays but some are valid seven days a week. An added bonus is that students get a three-month free trial before having to pay £39.99 for a year’s membership.