The ultimate flight hacks for students (to make flying less awful)

Flying can be awful. You spend an arm and a leg to get tickets, which is useful because you've just bought a ticket on a flight with no leg room. Here are eight tips to get cheaper, better flights, and to make flying that little bit more enjoyable...

1) Get student discounts on flights through StudentUniverse

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They negotiate prices specifically for students and young people with over 70 airlines and as a result millions of students and young people use them every year. They offer exclusive discounts you can't find anywhere else, giving you huge savings on your flights and holidays.

If you're 18-25, StudentUniverse is the easiest way to get the cheapest flights available, to anywhere you want to go in the world.

2) Fly in the morning to get cheaper flights and avoid turbulence

People don't like to fly in the morning. For some reason no-one likes to defy gravity at 6am - it's too early in the day to say "screw you" to physics.

For this reason flights are a hell of a lot cheaper if you're willing to up a bit earlier. You'll also end up sleeping on the plane much better as you won't be disturbed by turbulence as it usually occur in the afternoon.

3) Use noise cancelling headphones

Flights are incredibly loud. Even if no-one on the plane is on a stag or hen do, and all the babies have somehow been silenced, there's still the loud roar of the engines trying to keep the plane in the sky. We wish they'd shut up, without causing the plane to go down.

Noise cancelling headphones will deal with that. Noise-cancelling headphones are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control engineering, effectively cancelling out background noise electronically, whether or not you're listening to music or just keeping the headphones in your ears.

They were actually first designed to deal with a guy so annoyed by engine noise he designed a headphone to deal with it.

4) Make the most of student flight deals

Often student specific suppliers, like StudentUniverse, get favourable terms and conditions on their flights just for students. This can mean things like being allowed additional baggage for free or having the ability to cancel and change your flight dates for no additional costs.

It's well worth using a student specialist to book your flights for access to these extra features.

5) Ask for upgrades

If an airline hasn't sold all its business or first class seats by the day of the flight, it will often upgrade people for free if you ask the ground crew politely (and discretely). It’s a go and can get you a first-class experience without the massive cost.

6) Prevent anyone from leaning back

6ft tall, need your legroom but can't get any because the guy in front wants to "chill" and pops the seat back? Knee Defender is something you can buy and lock onto the tray in front of you, preventing the irritating guy in front from leaning back. It locks, so unless he's an irritating locksmith, he's sitting perpendicular for the whole duration of the flight.

7) Choose a ridiculous suitcase to find it easier

Always missing your bag at the conveyor belt? Or picking up someone else's and then having to explain you're not a thief, just an idiot who doesn't even know what their bag looks like?

Choose a ridiculous bag. One no-one else with taste would ever buy. And if you ever lose it, it'll be found by baggage control pretty quickly.

"Which one is my bag? It's the one with with handlebars, and a saddle so you can ride it around like a horse. Bright pink, yeah, with the face of Eamon Holmes on the front."

8) Sit in the middle and get served from both sides

Book a seat bang in the middle of the aircraft and you can get drinks served to you from both sides. If you get drunk enough, a 13 hour flight can fly by.

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