The UK's worst students revealed

In an attempt to find where the UK's worst people go to university, Student Money Saver asked over 1200 students about themselves (and how terrible they are as human beings) and then ranked them by their universities. The result is an alternative university league table of awful people.

The worst university students in the UK overall

It'll come as no surprised to you that a dental school topped the list. However it might be surprising that 5 of the top ten slots, making the capital the place to attend, if you want to spend your student days surrounded by terrible people.

Which university has the most psychopathic students?

The Eastman Dental Institute topped the university league tables for psychopaths.

We asked over 1000 people where they go to university and then asked them to rate the statement "I think I might be a psychopath".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 100% of the respondents from a dental school strongly agreed with this statement.

We then ranked over 100 UK universities whether they thought they might be a psychopath, and then ranked them according to how psychopathic they were. Students in London occupied five of the top ten most psychopathic universities.

Which university students make the worst house guests?

Where should you go if you want to avoid fire alarms in halls...

Which university contains the most, self-rated, "terrible human beings"?

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