​The thought process of A uni graduate

Written by SMS blogger (@_jodieferguson), edited by Charlotte Burns

Congratulations! You did it!

Let’s be honest though, graduating from University can be pretty daunting. For a lot of us, Graduation is an important day which marks the end of an emotional roller coaster. Anyone who has been to University and made it to the end will know that student life has both its ups and downs.

Graduating brings an overwhelming feeling of pride and joy (yes, the blood, sweat, tears and numerous breakdowns count for something). But soon enough, the worry of taking the next step into adulthood looms over us (pretty much like being shoved in a pitch black room). Here are a few things that every graduate would have thought about at least once.

1. The realisation that you’re no longer a student *cries*

Not only does losing the student title mean that you are getting older and becoming an actual (dare I say it) adult, but it also means no more student discount. Sucks right? Time to get a full-time job and start paying your own way; those shoes aren’t going to pay for themselves.

2.Talking of getting a job

Right. You’ve got your degree. It can’t be that hard finding a graduate job, right? Wrong.

Some people happen to fall right into their dream jobs right away… but for others, it’s a lot more difficult than that. You’ve got no money, you live in a dead end town and can’t seem to land yourself an interview, let alone a job. And to top it all off, your parents are nagging you to start paying rent. It’s a worrying situation to be in.

Sometimes finding a job is a matter of waiting. Good things take time.

3. If I had a little money...

Along with having no job comes the stress of having no money (or £-850 to be exact). Every unemployed graduate can relate to this on some level. But with bills to pay and a grand total of £300 of clothes saved in your ASOS shopping bag, it’s not that easy. On top of this is the little voice in your head, telling you to be a grown up and make the mature decision to start paying off your student loan.

HA HA, as if?! Most people know that we don’t have to start paying our student loans back until we earn over £21,000 a year. So, it looks like there is a bright side to being broke after all. Result!

4. Mum’s cooking. Oh, how I’ve missed you

One of the main disadvantages of being a student is spending long periods of time away from your family. We’ve all been there. It’s tough. Not only must you learn to become more independent, but you also have to learn to adjust, alas substituting yummy fresh meals for super noodles.

But fear no more. For most of us, graduating means packing up and heading back home to Mum and Dad’s until we become more stable (financially and emotionally). No more cheap and unhealthy meals (if you could even call it a meal), roast dinner with all the trimmings please Mum!

5. The fear of growing apart from your friends

You’re pretty lucky if you have one friend who lives relatively close to you. But for the most part, the friends and the people we meet at University live miles away from us (sometimes on the other side of the world).

At first, it will be hard to cope with not having your favourite people around you. Who will you binge-watch a whole Netflix series with until 4AM? Crisis aside, graduating from University and moving back home to reality is a difficult step for everyone. But before you know it, the WhatsApp group chat will be blowing up your phone with messages planning the next catch-up.

6. What now?

Graduating from uni can sometimes bring nothing but a loss of independence, boredom and isolation. You may be wondering what to do next or how to get your dream job. Or more likely, you’re sending Snapchats to your mates using the sad face filter, telling them how much you miss them.

But remember, you are not alone in feeling this way. Enjoy your achievements. Embrace this new chapter in your life and own it. You only get to be a graduate once.