The Student Energy Club

The Student Energy Club

We've set up The Student Energy Club to help you all save money on your energy (gas and electricity) bills whilst at university. On average you could end up saving £300 a year.


Why should I change energy suppliers?

Staying with the same energy supplier will prevent you from getting any of the new deals that are available, meaning you'll end up paying more than everyone else. By switching suppliers you'll be getting the best price for your energy and saving a surprisingly large amount of money.

How it works?

We take all the hard work, hassle and confusion out of switching energy suppliers. It's a simple four step process:

  1. You register your interest in joining The Student Energy Club.
  2. We go to the energy companies on behalf of everyone who wants to get involved, and they bid for your custom (the more people that register, the lower the prices are likely to be so tell your mates!).
  3. We choose the supplier with the lowest price and get them to provide you with a personal offer.
  4. You choose whether you want to take this new deal. If you do we will work with you to help you change everything over.

Is it free to join?

Registration is completely free. You also don't commit to anything by registering your details, it is totally up to you whether you accept the personal offer that the energy company provides you.

The only cost that might be involved is if you choose to switch energy suppliers and your current contract includes a termination fee. However, the savings you could be making on a new tariff could well outweigh any cancellation costs.

I don't know my current energy usage, what do I do?

If you are unsure of how much energy you currently use then use the below table as a guideline - these are the 'Typical Domestic Consumption Values' provided by Ofgem:

Usage kWh
Gas Low 8,000
Medium 12,500
High 18,000
Electricity Low 2,000
Medium 3,100
High 4,600