The psychic banana that accurately predicted the gender of the new royal baby 😱

On Monday morning, Holly Willoughby turned to this psychic banana to predict the gender of the new royal baby on the show This Morning.

"Is it going to be a boy or a girl? Psychic banana, is she going to have a boy? If it's a dot, it's a no. If it's a 'Y', obviously we know it's a yes. Is the Duchess of Cambridge going to have a boy?"

"It's a yes! It's a yes!" Holly said. "It's a boy! It's a boy, according to the psychic banana!"

Two hours later, the official news broke:

The weird side of British TV has excelled itself in the way it has covered this story.

This third royal baby and second son will mean that William and Kate’s second child, Charlotte, will be the first female royal in history who’s position in line for the throne is not usurped by a younger male. Traditionally, male siblings would come first regardless of age, however, a 2015 law changed this massively outdated practise…

Other highlights from the royal birth include this couple, who found themselves in front of the world’s press when they left St Mary’s Hospital (where William and Kate were) with their own new baby.

And this guy, who isn’t even the official town crier for the royal family, but did a good job of it anyway 😳