The (not so) Secret Hotels Guide

top Secret hotels revealed

Want to stay at five star hotels on a Travelodge budget? Well, duh! You’re going to love this.

Hidden or secret hotels are four or five star hotels all over the world that sell off their extra rooms at a cut-price rate. The only (apparent) catch is that you don’t know which hotel it is until you’ve booked it - or do you?

We’ve got a method for finding out exactly which hotel you’ll be staying at, so you can thoroughly check those TripAdvisor reviews to make sure their breakfast buffet is top notch, and find out exactly how close the nearest pub is.

Lots of sites sell secret hotel rooms, including LateRooms and Hotwire, but the easiest site to work out which hotel you’re booking is

How to do it

First of all, put your dates and the location you want to stay into the search bar on, you can select from the sidebar to only show you “Top Secret Hotels”.

Once you’ve chosen a hotel at the right price and location for you, you’ll need to put your detective skills into action and look for a few key details from the secret hotel listing.

top secret hotel revealed

Open another window and make another search on for the same dates, but narrow your search to the exact location in the secret hotel result - in our case it was the City of London, and choose ‘no Top Secret Hotels’ and the same number of stars (five for us - fancy!) from the sidebar.

When you get your results ignore the names of the hotels and try and match the TripAdvisor rating and the number of reviews to the same as your secret hotel result.

We found this hotel for £152 a night: you can see that it’s also got 4 ½ stars on TripAdvisor based on 749 reviews. Quite the coincidence, hey?

secret hotel on tripadvisor

If this doesn’t work, there’s a second method that might help you out.

From the description of the secret hotel take a few of the details about its location or facilities and pop them into Google.

We took these details:

find your secret hotel

And added the word ‘hotel’ and got this result on Google:

secret hotel on google

Again, it’s the same five-star hotel in Bank coming up. Magic!

After this if you’re happy that you’ve used your Holmesian powers of deduction to find out exactly which hotel you’re going to be staying in, go ahead and book, and your confirmation message should tell you what you already know.

Good luck searching, and we hope you have an amazing holiday, you sneaky thing!