The New Arctic Monkeys album is proving very controversial…

The Sheffield band’s 6th album, ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino,’ following on from the acclaimed and beloved ‘AM,’ has sharply divided fans and critics. It’s gone in a completely different direction that some people love, but others can’t really get behind.

‘TBH&C’ is a concept album about a hotel on the moon – it deals with the isolation of both fame and of modern technology, as well as having a few digs at Donald Trump. The lyrics are as wild as ever, darting between emotional and absurd, for example, The Ultracheese is heart wrenching listening, but, that title… 😂!

The controversial thing about the album though, is the new sound – there’s no massive stadium rock bangers – this is swapped for a melancholic, jazz-piano driven vibe. And that’s not what people expected...

But others really got on board with the new style.

It’s an interesting, thoughtful and relaxing album, only it’s not what people had come to expect. But then, they’re not exactly 20 year old lads galivanting around Sheffield anymore.

So the album might alienate some of the ‘Do I Wanna Know’ loving fanbase, but after the hype dies down it’ll probably age well.