The 16 most dangerous selfies ever taken

The death toll from selfies has officially overtaken the death toll from sharks. That's right, taking a photo of yourself and doing a pouty face is officially more dangerous than Jaws.

12 deaths have been attributed to selfies this year (mainly people trying to take a selfie, and then falling off something, slapstick style, to their demise) vs eight shark attack deaths. Hey, it's difficult to balance and get a great angle of your face at the same time, and there are worse ways to go than winning yourself a Darwin Award.

Here are the most dangerous selfies ever taken (where the people survived it)

16) It's unclear what's more dangerous here - shark or selfie? Any statisticians feel free to get in touch...

15) James Kingston dangling from a London building

14) Lady attempting to anger a bear by swearing

13) Man abandons hope of running away from bull, prioritises getting a selfie for use at funeral

Survives though...

12) Reporter pauses for selfie, forgets she's currently watching a baseball match...

11) Danish fighter pilot takes his eyes off a MISSILE to take a selfie

10) And here's one where he's not even looking at his steery stick

9) Camels are dangerous too

8) Man proves he's doing this one handed, because F- you gravity

7) We soiled ourselves watching twister - this guy poses for a selfie with an actual tornado

6) Jaws 2: The revengening

5) Jesus christ that's high

Selfie taken on top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.

4) Hong Kong skyscraper

3) Nasa believes this is the most dangerous selfie ever taken, we almost agree...

But in two photos time there's one of a guy shoving his head in a polar bear, we kid you not.

2) Notice the lack of parachute...

1) Polar bear handler forgets that friendly polar bears can sometimes also be hungry