The Michelin Guide have absolutely HAD IT with this weird food trend

The Michelin Guide is renowned for it's prestigious star awards for (pretentious) restaurants that serve the world's best food.

To gain a Michelin star is like a culinary OBE. So when the Michelin Guide turns around and says that food trends have gone TOO FAR, you know things have gone too far. The guide tweeted a picture of what looked like muddied flip flop with a pingpong ball, with the caption 'enough now.'

It looks like it's been dug up from the beach

The 'dish' comes from a 2 Michelin Star restaurant called Falco in Leipzig, Germany:

It's supposedly a 'chocolate covered raspberry sorbet', but instead looks like something your dog would bring in from the garden. And Twitter didn't seem too impressed, with many people flipping out:

Some people did find the dish quite funny:

Looks like Michelin might be regretting the 2 stars it's already given, as the restaurant seems like a bit of a flop...