The internet can't decide if this prank is pure evil or pure genius

The internet is awash with pranks, a lot of them fake. Acted out scenarios where it seems someone is totally surprised with what has just gone on. Whether it be spraying your "boyfriend" with water while he sleeps, or feeding them something they don't want to be fed.

But some pranks are too creative to be faked, much like this one.

Muller Corners, remember them? The absolute treat we looked forward to eating in our bags every day when at school. That vanilla yoghurt with the chocolate covered balls, or hoops, or flakes. It was the best. Never the fruit corner, though! No one has time for those.

Well, twitter user Primal Scheme (below, right) fell victim to one of the cruellest, most genius pranks ever, and it involves a Muller Corner.

She must have been at home, ready to enjoy the chocolatey goodness of the yoghurt when she opened the pot to find that all the chocolate balls had gone missing. Turn the pot over to find:

Someone in her family had cut a hole the part of the pot with the balls in, then taken them, then tucked the cut-off piece back so as to look as if nothing had happened.

From her post on twitter, it appears she was not happy about this dastardly plan. But the reaction was mixed, some disgusted and some praising the unknown assailant.

Then one had to win the sympathy, take it all away from Primal Scheme.