The guy who has the Twitter handle @JohnLewis is responding to angry John Lewis customers

You may remember John Lewis.

Nope, not the shop with the cute Christmas adverts. The man John Lewis, who also has the Twitter handle @JohnLewis.

He's constantly inundated with tweets from shoppers or people watching the ads, but instead of selling his Twitter name, he loves to play along.

He's been back at it again this week, after John Lewis has come under fire by some, for removing 'girls' and 'boys' clothing, and just keeping it gender-neutral.

Luckily, John is here to clap back in his usual fashion.

The poor guy isn't even from the UK but has to contend with all the drama people have with the department store.

Luckily he's a pretty woke character, and doesn't take any shit from people mouthing off. John Lewis even send him care packages to thank him for being so patient.

Love you John!