The future is here - hoverboards actually exist!

Hoverboards exist

Great Scott, hoverboards exist! We all thought we’d be hovering about at least 20 years ago (especially if you’re a fan of Back To The Future), but the boffins at Lexus have finally heard our calls for frictionless movement and have done some inventing. Better late than never eh guys?

The hoverboard contains powerful magnets, which are cooled to -197 degrees celsius with liquid nitrogen (the stuff Heston Blumenthal makes ice-cream with rather than using a freezer), which means the board rides over a magnetic hidden track. So you can’t ride wherever you like - but you know, you can’t in a car either really, so it would be worse.

The hoverboard is a prototype so isn’t for sale, although we probably couldn’t afford it anyway…

Check out the video of professional skateboarder Ross McGouran giving it a whirl.