The 24 funniest pieces of graffiti found in uni library books

Oxford University students have been sharing the funniest, weirdest and craziest graffiti they've found in their library books in the Oxford University Marginalia Facebook Group. Here are the funniest pieces of desecration in their library books.

24) This person felt the need to underline every single word

23) This appraisal of the text

22) This academic

21) This brutal review

20) This reworking of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

19) This fair assessment

"Must. Underline. Everything."

18) F*ck me!

17) B*llocks!

16) This fair question

Must. Highlight. Anything. That. Is. A. Word.

15) This motivational note

"Just keep going to 8:00am then it's red wine time. You've earned this."

14) This highbrow graffiti

13) This moment of empathy

On the fire, Joan of Arc was heard to remark "now I know how second year history undergraduates feel".

12) This review of the contents

The index was just a list of pages the reader found to be shit.

11) For god's sake, Hunger Games

10) This anti-reading list

9) This future academic editor

8) This person found something to like even in Shakespeare

7) "Dearest Father, I have dedicated this edition to your good self but I am sure your bad self shall never read it you heartless bastard!"

Thanks for the insight into your life. Written in a library copy of "Afternoon of an Autocrat" by Norah Lofts.

6) This helpful note

5) Here he is again! F*cking Marx

4) You go girl

Christopher Haigh's got sass.

3) J.B. Steane can f*ck right off

"In fact, all the J.B.s can f*ck right off. Here's looking at you, Priestley and Sports."

2) This honest confession

1) Fair question