The 17 dumbest and funniest Uni applications

17 admissions officers and students admitted the dumbest things they've ever seen or put on a uni application. Some of these people actually got in...


16) Plot twist - his friend is Alexander Fleming...

15) I my8 nt gt in :(

14) And now the box will bend, Neo...

13) It was Brian Cox, wasn't it?

12) Rarrgh

11) Classic mistake - putting in too much detail about your grandfather's faecal matter

10) Copy and paste your way into uni

9) Thanks, mum

8) We too are big fans of Professor Emeritus

7) Apprentice winner 2015?

6) This makes the rejections hurt even more

5) Bold move pays off

4) Classic mistake

3) He am smarts

2) Spoiler alert - you're not getting in

1) If it's a biology course, surely this helps?

Source: Reddit.

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