The cheapest cities to study in have been revealed

If you go to uni in any of these cities, you have no excuse for being perpetually skint.

A list from has been revealed that shows the least expensive places in Britain to go to uni, and unsurprisingly, London didn't make the grade.

Lincoln came in first place, with a pint only £3.10, and a taxi ride for as little a 93p.


Next up was Strathclyde uni where you can get a kebab for under a fiver, and a gym membership for under £8 a month to work off the calories.

After that there was, Cardiff, which can boast the cheapest cinema tickets at only £6.50. Pints are only £3 too.


The 9 worst faring universities were all in London, with Oxford only just ahead. If you're studying here, it looks like you'll be getting a job as well - or expectantly calling your parents A LOT.