The big EU referendum survey

EU referendum students

It's nearly here guys. On Thu 23 Jun, we're going to decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union.

What is a referendum?

A referendum is a vote in which everyone (nearly anyway - not children or prisoners for example) can take part, by giving a "Yes" or "No" answer to a question. Whoever gets the most votes, wins.

Why are we voting on the EU?

Back in 2015, David Cameron promised that if his Conservative party got into power, he would hold an EU referendum. This was in response to UKIP's rise to power, who argued that Britain had not had a say since 1975, when it initially voted in.

What is the European Union?

Often know as "The EU". it is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. It came about after World War Two, with the idea that countries which trade together, are more likely to avoid going to war with each other.

It has grown to become a "single market" allowing goods and people to move around, as if it were just one country. It has one currency (though not all member states use the Euro, including us), has it's own parliament, and sets rules in lots of areas, including the environment and workers rights.

What does Brexit mean?

We're not big fans of the term in the Student Money Saver office, but it's just a play on words. It's the merging of the words Britain and exit, which gets you Brexit.

How do you vote?

Well hopefully by now, you have registered to vote (if you have voted in past elections, you'll be fine). You'll then be sent a card telling you when and where voting will take place in your area, on Thu 23 Jun. You'll just turn up, will be handed a piece of paper with the referendum question on it. You'll then go into a booth and you will put an X in the box you want. Don't worry, they will give you full instructions when you are in the polling station.

Then congratulate yourself for voting - you're a good citizen!

A quick EU questionnaire

We have a few questions about voting in the referendum and want to see what students and young people think. Please do take a minute or so to fill it out. Thanks in advance!