People are disgusted at what is in the new £5 note

The new five pound notes have been in circulation for over two months now (13th September), and have generally been received quite well.

They are stronger, smaller, cleaner and nicer looking. And the inclusion of Winston Churchill was never going to be disputed, one of this nation's greatest statesmen and the only Prime Minister to receive a Nobel Prize for Literature.

They are even making people money, as notes with the serial number beginning with 'AA' or 'AK47' have been known to be selling for up to £2000.

But now, people are shocked with the new polymer notes as the Bank of England confirmed that they contained a specific substance:

Yes, tallow, otherwise known as animal fat, is in the new notes and people are outraged.

There is even a petition calling for the notes to be taken out of circulation as they ignore basic human rights.

Yet some people just simply don't care:

What do you think? Is it a disgrace, or are you not bothered.

The BoE have not yet announced what they will do in light of this backlash.