​The average student brings £3,375 of possessions to uni

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By Daniel Khalili-Tari

The average student brings £3,375 of possessions to uni, two in five (43%) students had their phone stolen whilst they were out and about, and almost a quarter (23%) have had their laptops stolen on campus.

A report of over 4,300 students and parents shows university students are at increasing risk of their possessions being stolen when leaving home this academic year.

The survey carried out by insurance provider Endsleigh, has found 40% of students have security concerns whilst at university. From those who had been victim of theft, two thirds had their phone stolen while off campus and a quarter had their laptops stolen on university premises.

Seventeen percent of students said they have been a victim of identity theft but only 10 percent said if they lost their laptop, they would be concerned about the possible theft of their ID.

The study says the average university student today owns £3,375 of possessions, while the value of Fresher’s gadgets alone, which includes: laptop, phone and printer are worth £903.

Student insurance provider, Endsleigh, has published five tips to encourage students to keep their possessions safe:

  • Locking windows and doors
  • Purchasing gadget insurance
  • Keeping valuables locked and out of sight
  • Purchasing a good quality bike lock for those who cycle
  • Backing up devices

Sara Newell, Director of Student and Graduate Markets, Endsleigh said: “Deciding what to take from home to university can be daunting – favourite possessions along with the right kit can amount to a lot of stuff, worth a lot of money! It’s vital that students starting university feel safe in their accommodation, and secure in the knowledge that valuable items are protected. I encourage anyone who’s worried about security in their accommodation to speak to their university about their concerns.

“It’s important for students to take common-sense steps to protect their possessions, students relying on the family home policy may not have the right level of protection, and it’s worth considering standalone cover – tailored to meet their personal needs. Having peace of mind that possessions are covered leaves more space for studying and enjoying university life to the full.”