The alternative university league tables

In an alternative to the usual league tables, Student Money Saver asked over 1200 students from across the UK questions about themselves, and then ranked their answers according to what universities they attend.

Want to know which university has the happiest students? Which uni has the most psychopaths in attendance? Where the most beautiful students live, or which uni students have the most disgusting habits? Find out this, and more, below...

Which university has the nicest students overall?

Weighting answers from (most) questions in this survey, and answers from our search for the UK's worst students in the UK, we found the nicest all round students in the UK. They are as follows...

Which university has the most beautiful students?

Which university has the happiest students?

Which university has the most disgusting students?

Where to go to uni if you want to avoid fire alarms in halls...

Which university has the most intelligent students?

We asked students to rate their own intelligence, asking them whether they thought they were more intelligent than the average person, and how strongly they believed that. Surprisingly Oxford and Cambridge don't top the list.

This might be more to do with who you spend most your time with. At Oxbridge you are hanging out with some of the most intelligent people in the UK, and so may feel stupid by comparison. Students at the Institute of Education on the other hand spend most of their time hanging out with small children, and so it's no surprise that they topped the list.

Which university has the poorest students, and who are the biggest idiots with their money?

The UK's funniest students

We asked students to self assess how funny they are. The University of Dundee topped the table, but as this was self-assessed we have no way of telling whether this is because they are the funniest in the UK, or whether they suffer from massive levels of self-delusion.

The UK's biggest "party animals"

Apparently 67% of students at the University of Cumbria are party animals. Which begs the question, why the hell did they move to Cumbria??

Suspect you got to university with the worst people imaginable? Take a look at our UK's Worst Students Revealed article to find out...