The 8 most awkward ways to make friends at uni

Uni is the place where you're supposedly make friends with the people you'll be friends with for the rest of your life. Everyone is away from home, everyone is up for making friends and everyone could potentially become your new best friend or even the one.

But meeting them can also be extremely awkward.

Here are the 8 most awkward ways possible to make friends at uni, and one way that's far better.

8) Joining Larp

There are all kinds of strange societies out there. Quidditch society, where you run around the floor with a broomstick between your legs and pretend to be wizards. Competitive eating society, where you eat competitively and pretend like you don't eat like this in real life.

These are all great ways to meet new people with a shared interest.

And then there's LARP soc. Live Action Role Play society may be the most awkward way to meet somebody in existence.

Sure, they all share the same interest as you (dressing up as a Lord of the Rings character and then pretending to kill each other - who doesn't like that?) but then the awkward moment comes. The pub bit afterwards.

Do you break character? Do you still call Brenda from sociology "Gwendor of Llandriel" like she insists? Are you really friends with Bernard, or is he just in character as Slaganthen of Thargenfell? Who are these people??

Awkward rating: 10/10

7) Making a library friend

After hanging out in the library during uni, you get to know everybody by sight. You notice their patterns, you know what they study, you know how close to exams they are based on how panicked their little face is.

You even have nicknames for them. Panic FaceMclastminute-essay. Crammy-Cram McCrammerson. Worky-Nerdy-WorksTooHard.

After a while you find the core crowd of library bros. The people who are always in at the same time as you. Who have the same level of panic on their face that you have on your face.

You've probably got a lot in common, but under no circumstances will you ever feel like you can talk to them. What if you get over there and say "hi" to the person you've nicknamed "Friendy-Nice-McFrienderson" and they reveal their name for you is "Creepy Library Douche".

Or worse, they just plain shush you.

Awkward rating: 7/10

6) Hanging around in kitchens

When you first get to uni, you need to make friends with the kitchen folk fast. You're going to be spending a lot of time with them, even if you end up preferring your course friends.

So everyone does the same thing. They throw their crap in their room, and head to the kitchen and set up camp there for the rest of the day.

5) Talking about A-Level results

A Levels are an easy topic to talk about when you first get to uni. So during the first few weeks, everyone has the same (incredibly awkward) conversation about A Levels.

Everybody either wants to brag about their grades, or doesn't want the others to find out how bad they are. So you move from person to person having a variant on this same, awkward convo:

Fresher 1: So what grades did you get at A-level

Fresher 2: I don’t want to say. I did alright

Fresher 1: Go on what did you get.

Fresher 2: I really don’t want to say. I did fine.

Fresher 1: Ah ok.

Fresher 2: No you pushed me I got...

Fresher 1: It’s fine really...

Fresher 2: You twisted my arm

Fresher 1: Really it’s ok

Fresher 2: I got fucking As, ok, Jesus. All fucking As. 6 of them. Here's a fucking article they wrote about me in the local paper, with a picture of me jumping for joy.


Awkward rating: 5

4) Making food for everyone

An easy way to win friends, everyone thinks, is by making food for people. "Who doesn't love food?" You think to yourself. "IT'S FOOD!"

Well that's where you're wrong. Half of your new potential friends are vegetarians, vegans or other. The other half may or may not like spicy food, depending on what you made them. And maybe you're just plain not a good cook.

If you're expecting to win over a whole group of people with your culinary skill, you're either Gordon Ramsey or an idiot sandwich.

3) Having a political fight in a seminar

You normally end up with a fair few course friends by the end of uni. But at some point you'll also end up in an argument with somebody in a seminar, and mistake that argument for a friendship.

You'll be a Marxist and they'll be an Adam Smith fan, they'll Jungian and you'll be Freudian. You'll have a lively discussion with them, and then the next week you'll have another argument with them. And for a while you'll think you're frenemies.

You're not. Approach them after any seminar and you'll find out that you two have nothing in common. That's why you're arguing so much.

Awkward rating: 11/10

2) Sports initiations

There are a lot of bad ways to make friends at uni. Perhaps the most awkward is sports initiations.

It's hard enough making friends with somebody, now imagine having to make friends with somebody who last night you watched chug beer from a fellow team-member's bum crack.

An anonymous rugby player who took part in a rugby fresher initiation a few years ago told us:

"I couldn't understand why this was a tradition at first. But then it came time to pour beer down my own ass into a team-mate's mouth. As it trickled down my bum crack into his waiting mouth I looked down at his slurping, hungry face and I knew: this guy is a friend for life.

"It really brings you together, you know? He'll be tasting me for weeks."

Yeah. That's how rugby initiations work. And those are the good ones. There are far worse ways to be initiated. Avoid avoid avoid.

Awkward rating: 10/10

1) Kitchen hopping

It happens in every Halls at uni. You'll be sitting there one day, having pre-drinks in the kitchen, and someone from the kitchen above or below will come crashing into your kitchen and attempt to make friends with everyone.

Usually it'll be someone very drunk, very posh, and extremely dressed in a toga. And none of you will end up as besties.

Awkward rating: 9/10

The better way

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Awkward rating: 0/10

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