The 7 worst things that happen to students who don't book their accommodation in time

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It's time to book your accommodation for next year. Get it right and you could spend next year living in luxurious accommodation (like the type offered by Fusion Students) living like a king / queen, being fed grapes by your housemates as you take a nice hot bath in your ensuite.

But what's the worst that can happen if you don't book your accommodation in time? Here are the worst scenarios that can happen to you if you aren't quick enough choosing your uni accommodation...

7) You get split up from your friends (and lose touch)

If you have a lot of friends, you either need to find a big house, quick, or you're going to get split up from them. Without being with them all the time you stop talking to them as much. You're now so far away the only way to stay in touch is by letter. For a while you're pen pals, but one day you forget where you keep your biros and after that you don't talk anymore. All because you didn't book in time.

6) You end up in the grossest imaginable house

If you don't book your house in time, you'll get stuck with the worst houses imaginable. You end up living in a house where the above photo is the best bedroom in the house. You physically fight for it and lose. You now live in the smallest, most rat infested bedroom in the crappiest house in town. At the end of your tenancy, your landlord charges you for flood damages you've caused with your tears.

5) You could end up living with the grossest housemates

If you don't pick your housemates fast, you'll end up living with the ones that no-one wants to live with. This is usually the guy who sees no need to wash his clothes, towels, plates or room throughout the entire three years at uni. Enjoy dealing with that.

4) You pay way too much to get the last house on the market

You end up paying massively above market prices for the worst house in town, purely because the landlord and estate agent can see the desperation in your eyes as you look around.

You spend the next year trying to make do and trying to love the house's foibles, which you're paying thousands of pounds for. You convince yourself you like how cold it is, and how dank. Sure there's a toilet in the lounge, but that's just part of the charm.

3) You end up living in the middle of nowhere, alone and unloved

If you don't book a house in time, you might end up further away from university than you anticipated. A lot further. After moving into your house (alone), you start to notice that friends aren't visiting as much. They love you, sure, but not enough to catch the three buses and a train it requires to physically see you. And with your low quality wifi, FaceTime isn't an option either. You forget what humans look like, and spend much of your time trying to construct your former friends out of hair you found in the shower drain.

2) You have to move back in with *shudder* your parents

With no affordable houses available, you are forced to move back in with your parents, like a child. Whilst everyone else at uni parties, you have a 9pm curfew. Your friends dance the night away, whilst your parents give you a nightly nagging, and supervise you doing your homework.

With no other options available, you end up wondering the university during the day time and living in the toilets at night. With nowhere to wash or shave, you start to look like Tom Hanks from Survivor. Soon your friends don't want to hang out with you any more, because of the smell, and you end up creating a friend out of a football, like Tom Hanks from Survivor.

You spend the year shouting at the football, until one day even the football gets sick of you and leaves. And now you're alone, football-less and shouting "WILSOOOON" all around the maths department.

All because you didn't book your accommodation in time. Book now, folks.

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