The 7 best things to do in London

We don't know about you but we get a bit sick of doing the same things every time we go to London. So we’ve teamed up with The Indytute to bring you the ultimate list of things to do in London that won’t break the bank!

Firstly, who is The Indytute? The Indytute is bringing unusual and quirky experiences to our lives. They hunt around and source all sorts of day or night things to do from awesome providers in London and package them up as great things to do with mates, family or your bae :)

Here are our top picks of the 7 things to do in London brought to you by The Indytute

1.Hula hooping

This Hula Schoola is run by The Majorettes and will literally teach you everything there is to know about hula hooping! Think cool tricks and lots of laughs, with the added benefit of a proper workout for your stomach muscles. We love that you can book this one for two, three or even four people so it's a great way to get you and your mates out in Shoreditch on a Saturday that doesn’t involve spending money on alcohol or Succulents. And it’s only a tenner each when you go with two mates!

Let’s do this!

2. HotTug

Okay, bear with us on this one! Lets explain...firstly a HotTug is a wood-fired, self drive hot tub. Yes really. This one makes for a truly ridiculous and fun day or night out and actually it really doesn't matter what the weather is...because you’ll be weirdly warm as you coast through London’s Regent’s Canal. You can also bring your own drinks aboard (though your designated captain / driver can’t drink).

Let’s do this!

3. Bankside Date Day

This is one of the newest experiences on the site, and makes for a more relaxing option. The Indytute have curated a number of date days and this is our fav. You start with cocktails and pancakes before heading on to a self-guided walk. The whole thing is around Borough and Bankside and the tour takes you to some ‘off the beaten track’ parts that we didn’t even know existed!

We love that this one is available throughout the week too, as it’s a great when you can’t think of where to meet a mate for some grub and a catch up!

Let’s do this!

4. Pies, Pints & Peculiar Pubs Walking Tour

Well we did say The Indytute do unusual experiences! Love a pie. Love a pint. And as for the walking bit, you get to learn about why Brits love a peculiar pub! You’re guided around Clerkenwell and Farringdon stopping along the way and ending with a pie and a pint. It’s run every Tuesday evening and the walking tour lasts around 2 and a half hours before finishing with your pie for dinner.

Let’s do this!

5. Vintage China Upcycling

We love the strapline for this one; Time to improve yourshelf! (See what they did there?!) You choose a vintage piece of china, select from a quirky range of decals to decorate and get upcycling. This is a fab experience to lose yourself and you could definitely go along by yourself for a bit of R&R without feeling like Billy No Mates. The experience is £20 and lasts 90 minutes, plus you get to take your upcycled china home. Give it to your mum or show it off to your mates!

Let’s do this!

6. Canoe through Little Venice

One to buy now with a mate and put it in the diary for when the weather warms up. The fun thing about this one is it’s just you, your mate and the open seas (and by open seas we mean the Canals of London). You pick up your canoe and can head off from Paddington Basin up the Grand Union and The Regent’s Canal. You can even make stops on your trip, or take a picnic.

Let’s do this!

7. How to Make Kombucha

This is an introductory beginners course into Kombucha, the fermented tea that everyone is raving about for its health benefits. You’ll learn how to brew Kombucha in a three hour workshop. This one is held on a Sunday afternoon, which is a perfect time to talk healthy after what could have been a weekend of overindulgence.

Let’s do this!

Inspired by our choices? Take a look at The Indytute for their full collection of different things to do in London. Happy Days!