The 5 stages every student goes through when applying to grad schemes

As your final year of uni descends upon you, so too does the realisation that you can't live the student life forever, and you actually need to get a job.

Whether you're in the throes of applying for jobs and grad schemes, or have yet to start, you will undoubtedly go through these 5 stages.

1. Blissful ignorance

Ahhhh, the dreamy first stage of grad scheme applications. Blissfully ignorant of the desolate ABYSS that is the job market, you compile a list of amazing jobs to apply to.

You nonchalantly pull together a CV and cover letter, and apply to a couple of jobs that take your fancy, thinking 'ah, I'm perfect for this role, I'll definitely get an interview.'

2. Getting ghosted

You check your inbox daily, waiting for that all important email invitation to the interview.

Days soon turn into weeks, weeks turn into months.

You thought ghosting only happened in the dating world. How wrong you were.

All the schemes you applied to never reply: tumbleweed rather than emails fills up your inbox.

3. Despair

It's been a month or so, and you've got nothing. Your daily alarm goes off, you wake up and cry in the foetal position.

But whilst you want to stay in pyjamas all day, wondering if Ben & Jerry's are hiring, you pick yourself up, log back onto the internet, and begin your search anew.

4. Re-structuring

So the initial CV and cover letter didn't work, you graciously admit defeat, add them to the trash and start again.

You painfully but knowingly remove that you were captain of the debating team in year 9... it is now irrelevant.

You set up a LinkedIn profile and connect with your parents and their work mates. Your mum's secretary Susan endorses your skills in 'research.'

You seek some (much-needed) guidance from family and friends, and do your research on sites like Milkround, which help you find and apply for your perfect job.


After months of rejection, despair, constant restructuring and A LOT of tears and ice cream, you land your first few interviews. Well done you, have some celebration ice cream.

Of the number of interviews you attend, you manage to blow one of the interviewers off of their FEET.

And then...low and behold: A JOB OFFER.

At first, you look for hidden cameras. Are you being pranked? No. This is the real deal. You have got a job for when you leave uni.

Elation, celebration, and then the realisation that 9ams are no longer optional.

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