The 25 funniest things overheard at British universities

You're going to overhear a lot of strange and beautiful things at uni. Here are some of the funniest things people have overheard so far. Got any of your own? Tell is in the comments.

25) The physicist's guide to lovemaking...

24) All grown up at Cambridge...

23) Two guesses where this was overheard...

22) This fact...

21) This deal-breaker...

20) Me smart now.

19) The unaware supervisor

18) Buckingham

17) Now introducing Tinder for Marxists

16) Durham


15) Warwick

For people who think Kanye isn't mathsy enough.

14) London School of Economics


LSE once again proving why they're not the London School of Geography.

13) SOAS


12) Warwick


Anyone else chanting "lads lads lads" to the tune of his Piano Sonata No. 16?

11) Cambridge grudge match...

You sir, have made an enemy for life.

10) Birmingham conspiracists...


Conspiracy confirmed.

9) Cambridge misogynists...


8) Birmingham apology


6) St Andrews


5) LSE

To be fair, it's the London School of Economics, not the London School of "do I have ovaries or not".

4) Durham transport


3) This one isn't from the UK, but is a stark warning about where peanut butter

Americans f*cking love peanut butter.

2) Norwich

No need to use the euphamism "powder my nose" there, Norwich...

1) St Andrews

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