The 10 worst housemates ever

Finally you’re in second year, which means no more halls and you can move in with people you want. Some of you might be lucky enough to have a ready-made squad of new housemates, but for a lot of us it’s a case of lucky dip with people you met that don’t seem too weird.

You learn a lot about people from living with them, but hopefully you’ll never have to live with any of these 15 people.

1. The tight arse wiper

There's always one tightwad when it comes to loo roll. Personally, I think treating you and your flatmates to anything less than quilted 3-ply is savage behaviour. Just buy some bloody toilet paper people!

2. The total muppet

There’s always one who microwaves a fork and blows it up or changes a lightbulb while it’s still on. A mix between Steve-O from Jackass and Chris from Family Guy; - luckily, they could get run over by a car at any moment.

3. The passive aggressive one

“The bin is in the corner, please use it.”

“Teabags do not go in the sink.”

“GUYS, turn the light off when you leave, we had to pay 46p more in electricity last month.”

While clean people in a house share are amazing, the fastidious are at the other end of the scale. Leaving a cup in the sink can result in half a forest’s worth of passive aggressive notes.

4. The loud one

You can memorise their playlists you’ve had to listen to them so many times, and you know all the ins-and-outs of their family drama because you've heard every single Skype call through the wall. Some people are just so loud they don’t even realise, so maybe buy some ear plugs whilst you're getting that loo roll.

5. The mummy's boy

With parents at home and cleaners in halls, there are people who just never grow up. Asking on the flat group chat how to work the washing machine after three months of living together is a new low.

6. The lush

Sometimes, you end up living with your first year drinking buddy. You’re excited at the idea of pre-ing with them or making a drinking game out of a night spent watching Love Island with a bottle of wine. But the reality is a lot more babysitting than you’d hope, as they end up crying at 3am asking you why they're still single.

7. The smelly cat

There’s always one... and there’s always ‘that conversation’ that no one wants to have. We no longer live in the Victorian times and have ample running water and soap. Use it (the shower), or lose it (your tenancy). Or gift them some Lynx for Christmas?

8. The kleptomaniac

Borrowing is a loose term. This housemate is a straight-up thief. The only thing worse than this is when they look better than you in your own clothes, which they didn't even ask if they could wear anyway.

9. The other loud one

Yup, you know what I’m talking about. Nobody wants to be a cockblock here, but trying to sleep while your roomie is getting some is wrong on every level. You don’t want to seem totally bitter and jealous by asking them to keep it down, but you also don’t want to know what they sound like when they orgasm.

10. The wtf one

It’s a fact that people’s eating habits can be odd. Some blasphemers even like pineapple on pizza, even though it’s clearly a criminal offence. One Reddit user shared their story, eating a whole raw onion though? Daily? Why?!:

BONUS: The WORST worst

And then there's this. One Reddit User posted the ultimate NOPE housemate scenario. At this point, what do you even do? Get the fuck out of there would be my suggestion, but maybe tell his mum whilst you're at it.

To avoid ever being featured on any of these lists, be a gem and get some toilet paper, and some washing up liquid while you're there. You can also save yourself the hassle of confronting your more forgetful housemates by using HURU. It lets you effortlessly split your bills with simple direct debits from everyone signed up – and not a post-it in sight.