The 10 most popular tweets of 2015

Below are the 10 most popular tweets of 2015. None of them are yours, we're afraid. It turns out the easiest way to get retweets is to be a member - or former member - of One Direction.

10) Caitlyn Jenner

9) Spock's last tweet

8) Kanye's motivational tweet

Things like crashing the stage at awards ceremonies...

7) Happy birthday, member of One Direction

6) King of Saudi Arabia

King Salman sent out this tweet of prayer and support for his people after he was crowned king of Saudia Arabia. He must be livid that he was beaten by...

5) Louis Tomlinson

Huge love. Massive love. Retweet this for some reason.

4) Obama celebrates gay marriage

Nice tweet, celebrating the march of progress. Shame it was beaten by three One Direction tweets...

3) Some guy from One Direction says Wowwwww and talks about an amazing journey

2) Another member of One Direction is proud of his boys

1) Another dude from One Direction takes the top spot


There you have it. Harry Styles is king of Twitter. Long live the king?