Police humiliate British guy by dropping in on the group chat

It's always weird when someone new joins the group chat. Will they fit in? Will they bring the memes? But it's even weirder when the new person to join the group chat is the police.

That's what happened to one group chat on Saturday, after the police crashed the party to tell them they had one of their chat members in their car.

For some reason, after Cameron had been found drunk, they decided to inform his group chat, titled "Pres Poosay" that they were taking him home.

The group chat decided to call bullshit, as you would. They thought it was Cameron playing a prank. So the police decided to provide proof. They're sort of into all that evidence stuff.

The officer took a selfie as proof and sent it to the Pres Poosay group chat, to prove all was well and that Cameron was safe in their custody.

Cameron, from Cardiff, was taken home, and now represents himself in the group chat. The police no longer text on his behalf.

It's unknown how long it will take Cameron to live the humiliation down. He has already been labelled "such a VIP he has a police escort" in the group chat.