TFL announce that Uber's license has been revoked

Transport for London have just announced that Uber's private license has been revoked starting on September 30th.

TFL have released a statement announcing that Uber will not be re-issued with a private hire operations license.

On Twitter TFL wrote that Uber had failed to meet rigorous safety tests, which include:

  • its approach to reporting serious criminal offences
  • its approach to how medical certification are obtained
  • its approach to DBS checks

You can read the full statement here:

Mayor Sadiq Khan has tweeted in support of TFL's statement:

Whilst he wants London to be at the forefront of innovation, he agrees that this must be done with safety in mind.

Although Uber may have failed safety regulations, people are wholly unsupportive of the decision as it means going back to using pricey black cabs or alternative means:

Uber can appeal the decision, with TFL refusing to issue a further statement until this has either been accepted or denied.