Tesco worker tweets "I legit want to quit Tesco" gets unexpected & brutal reply

A Tesco worker who tweeted "I legit want to quit Tesco now" received a pretty brutal and unexpected reply from @TescoHelpTeam.

Bracknell Tesco worker, Carley, seemed to be pretty stressed out, partly due to work.

Eventually, it got too much and she tweeted that she legit wanted to quit Tesco. Being a sensible person, she didn't @Tesco them, just in case they actually saw it.

Which made it all the more shocking when she got this message.

Yep Carley received a message from @TescoHelpTeam informing her:

"Well, your wish is our command, Carley! We've informed staff management that you're no longer working with us! 😁"

It soon became clear she didn't legit want to quit at all.

Which is good, because the account is fake, and she wasn't really fired at all.

Unfortunately though, Tesco almost certainly do know about her tweet now, after she was retweeted 70,000 times.

And everyone who does know about it seems to be mocking her.

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