Tesco regrets asking customer to elaborate on his carrot complaint

After a customer complained about his bag of carrot batons, Tesco asked him to elaborate. Shortly after that, they regretted it.

Carrot aficionado Aaron Swift complained on Twitter that his carrot batons were terrible.

Shortly after that, Tesco asked him to elaborate on his complaint.

Bad idea. As a self-proclaimed carrot aficionado, Aaron was more than happy to elaborate.

Firrst, he lined up the offending carrot "batons"...

Then he labelled every last one of the bastards, explaining what was wrong with each individual carrot.

In case you can't see that properly, here are the fully labelled travesties that Tesco's have been passing off as "carrot batons".

From left to right his comments are:

  • Curly
  • Half eaten?
  • Decent
  • Hacked to bits
  • Siamese carrots
  • Yep, that one is GREEN
  • This one actually squelches - Also has white mould
  • Infested
  • 75% water
  • Mostly skin
  • Curly #2
  • Decent #2
  • Yellow
  • Not a baton
  • 92% water

Shortly after Aaron sent out his tweets, his carrot complaint went viral. On a day that the Chilcot enquiry came to an end, #carrotgate started trending on Twitter.

Tesco's got back in touch with Aaron to apologise profusely

And refund him. But that might just be stoking the fire...

Fortunately, he may be able to air his views more directly in the round table they invited him to...

We suspect they don't know what kind of hell they're in for.

Those carrots put you off food? Wait until you see this lady's dress (she made from the pubic hair of her Twitter followers)...

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