Tesco recalling shelves full of products over safety fears

There's been loads of problems with food recently, from dodgy eggs to potential salmonella-infected chicken.

The next part of this story won't just see you going without an omelette or chicken sandwich though.

You might have to give up your favourite chocolate for a while.

There's a total of 24 products that Tesco has recalled, and they've urged customers to avoid eating any of them they've purchased.

The items to avoid are:

  1. Macsween of Edinburgh haggis, vegetarian haggis, and black pudding
  2. Macsween of Edinburgh In a Hurry – haggis, black pudding and vegetarian haggis
  3. Macsween of Edinburgh Delicious Every Day haggis gluten free 454g
  4. Macsween of Edinburgh haggis canapes
  5. Macsween of Edinburgh three bird haggis.
  6. Peter’s Premier chicken tikka slice
  7. Peter’s Premier cheesy bean slice
  8. Peter’s Premier steak slice
  9. Tesco creamy leek and bacon cooking sauce 470g
  10. Clif Builder’s chocolate mint protein bar 68g
  11. Galaxy Milk 4x42g multipack bars
  12. Maltesers Teasers 35g bar
  13. Galaxy Counters 112g pouch
  14. Quorn chilled cocktail sausages 180g
  15. Uncle Joe’s liquorice and aniseed extra strong mints 35g (tin)
  16. Lipstick pens 2PK (model MF986479) and Lollipop pens 4PK (model MF986829)
  17. Lindt Excellence dark extra fine Easter shell egg 220g
  18. Lindt Lindor strawberries and cream shell egg 285g
  19. Tesco Oriental chicken chow mein 400g
  20. Kids II Oball Rattle
  21. Lotus Biscoff crunchy biscuit spread 380g
  22. Quorn mince (frozen) 300g
  23. Wooden alphabet pull-along
  24. New Covent Garden Soup Co. skinny goan spiced chicken 700g

The reason for the recall is that some of the affected products include undeclared allergens like eggs, dairy, and mustard.

You're advised to bring any items on the list back to the store where you can get a full refund. You don't need a receipt to bring recalled products back.

Bad news for haggis lovers!

If you require further details, please contact Tesci's Customer Services directly on UK 0800 505 555 or ROI 1850 744 844.