Tesco online shopper offered weird alternative item when what she ordered isn't available

Online shopping can be dangerous. How many of you have ordered something online and when it turns up, it looks nothing like what you ordered?

If you have ever done your shopping online, then you know all about this. You may also know about substitutions. This is when a shop doesn't have an item you want, so it offers an alternative.

Sometimes (especially in retail places), the suggestions are a little... shall we say, interesting. I have been shopping on a very popular high street chain trying to buy a pair of jeans, then when they didn't have my size they offered a women's tee instead.

This may have been because they have just brought that design out and are trying to promote it. But it was a cock-up, nonetheless.

You shouldn't have this kind of cock-up from a massive supermarket chain, should you?

Well, Tesco did for this one customer. She was online trying to do her weekly shop and went to order pantyliners.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the pantyliners she wanted, so they thought it would be suitable to offer this.

Yes. Dentaflex chews for dogs!

What the hell possessed them to offer that as an alternative? It isn't even designed for the same species!

Have you had any weird alternatives offered? Comment below.