Tesco loophole - Get £60 Tesco food shop

Tesco loophole first shop

So if you're a bit tricksy, you can really make new customer (which means new email) coupons work hard for you. You can SERIOUSLY slash the price of your shopping. If you specifically shop within the half price section at Tesco, you can get £60 worth of food/drink, down to just £15.

It’s an especially great trick if you’re happy to bulk buy something you’ll use, such as washing powder, vodka or like our editor, Charlotte, 216 cans of Diet Coke for £30 at Tesco using this little trick - that’s 14p a can - they haven’t been that cheap since about 1900!

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So how do you do it?

  1. So first off, set up a new Tesco account and book a delivery slot. They start at £1 for deliveries after 6pm - so aim for a £1 one if possible. Every little helps eh?
  2. Go to the special offers tab (the half-price one will get you the maximum discount). Press cmd/ctrl ‘F’ and search for the word ‘tomorrow’.

Items that come up when you search ‘tomorrow’ are the ones you can get the big discounts on. If there are no items that go on sale ‘tomorrow’ or the ‘next day’ come back another day to check. If its already on offer - it is too late.

3. You now have to add £60 worth of the item (or items) that are going to be on offer tomorrow. You can top up with something else cheap if you need to make it exactly £60. You want it as close to £60 as possible.

4.Find one of the new customer codes - £15 off £60 is standard, but you can find £20 off £60 now and then. Pay for your items at the undiscounted price and enter the code XXC64P to get your £15 off.

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What’s the trick?

Tesco now thinks you’re spending £60, so is happy to take the £15 off and make it £45. HOWEVER, when it arrives tomorrow it will have been reduced to £30 AND THEN THEY TAKE THE £15 off - taking your £60 shop down to £15.

Can it go wrong?

First off, this is us being tricksy and Tesco ain’t going to like it. So it’s not 100% guaranteed.

If it does go wrong though, you have two choices. You can either take your items at the half price cost (£30) or you can refuse your delivery and Tesco won't take any money out of your account.

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